Multimedia and Multimedia databases for teaching Statistics

Papers in Statistical Education Presented at ICME-9
Mittag, H.
Starkings, S.
ICME-9, Tokyo, Japan
see Papers on Statistical Education from ICME-9 item #2834

The breakneck advance of multimedia capabilities and internet technologies offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Nowadays the use of multimedia resources and WWW-supported learning environments is a crucial issue in education and further education. Integrating visualization, animation, interactive experiments, sound and hotlinks to relevant internet sites opens completely new dimensions of learning. Modern multimedia may also incorporate new communication channels and could be part of emerging virtual educational networks.<br><br>Statistics seems to be particularily suitable for illustrating the benefits of multimedia-based teaching. On the one hand, Statistics connects quite different fields of application. This interdisciplinary character of the science can be well demonstrated by suitable videos and motivating examples closely related to people's life. On the other hand, multimedia represents an ideal platform for visualizing statistical concepts and for discovering basic statistical principles by self-driven experiments. Multimedia software for Statistics can go beyond closed instructional microworlds by offering properly maintained subject-specific gateways to recent statistical data and supplementary information from the rapidly growing internet.