First-year calculus and statistics courses in four-year colleges and universities

Statistical Abstract of Undergraduate Programs in the Mathematical Sciences in the United States (Chapter 5)
Lutzer, D. J., Maxwell, J. W., & Rodi, S. B.

The eight tables in this chapter present details concerning first-year courses in calculus and statistics taught in four-year colleges and universities. Mainstream and non-mainstream calculus are studied separately, as are elementary statistics courses taught in mathematics departments and in statistics departments. ("Mainstream calculus" refers to those calculus courses that lead to the usual upper division mathematical sciences courses; all others are called "non-mainstream calculus.") In each case, the tables present data answering the two broad questions "Who<br>teaches these courses?" and "How are these courses taught?" Sections of Chapter 6 study the same questions in the two-year college environment.

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