Demonstrative Prototype of the Statistical Methods

Papers in Statistical Education Presented at ICME-9
da Graca Pereira, M.
Starkings, S.
ICME-9, Tokyo, Japan
see Papers on Statistical Education from ICME-9 item #2834

This paper deals with the introduction of hypermedia technologies in statistical methods as well as their applications in the training of students. A hypermedia prototype to show statistical methods was developed and the toolkits are Toolbook and Kappa. Several screens were developed in a electronic book. The screens show the calculations modules. Some statistical graphs are shown through the screens. The electronic book shows about theoretical methods to calculate means, medians and variance for samples and it provides a deep knowledge about statistical methods. The consultation sessions are quite complete, allowing the student to learn the theory and practice to solve statistical problems. An hypertext system represents the information, in a different way from others usually employed because it is presented as a non-linear mode and, therefore, allowing to take advice with information in agreement with user interests.<br><br>Hypertext and hypermedia systems allow us to reach the following objectives:<br><br>* The structure of the classical text files;<br>* Non-Linear navigation on any selected order of the stored text;<br>* Cooperation, i. e., information with different formats, text, graphs, images, video and voice;<br>* Interaction, what means, sophisticate access tools, as graphical interfaces.<br><br>The paper debates about publications that suggest the benefits of hypermedia systems applications in personal training models.