Building a research agenda for statistics education. A response to reactions in SERN 2(1).

Batanero, C., Garfield, J. B., & Ottaviani, M. G.
Statistical Education Research Newsletter

Determining the main research questions in statistics education is not an easy task, because there are so many important and unanswered questions relating to the teaching and learning of statistics. Nevertheless, in SERN 1 (2) we proposed a list of questions that we considered important to investigate, given the current state of research in statistics education as well as our own ideas and research traditions. We reflected on the diversity of people involved in statistics education research, the difficulties of having access to the literature in this area, and the challenges of training statistics education researchers within different disciplines. Our short note was complemented in SERN 2(1) by reactions from a number of colleagues from different countries who represent different backgrounds and experiences. These differences as well as the interdisciplinary nature of statistics education research were visible in the variety of responses and suggestions in the written responses. In this rejoinder, we attempt to synthesise the main points raised by the different reactors to whom we are very grateful, as they provided many important complementary ideas. It would be a too big a task to reply in detail to each of the points raised as some of them deserve a full issue of the Newsletter. We are therefore only offering remarks here regarding a few of the main points raised. We plan to focus on some of the remaining topics in future issues of our Newsletter.

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