• STATISTICS in the title means more than simple descriptive statistics such as representing children born in a given month or families with a dog or a cat by piled up matchboxes and the like. But it means less than any serious inferential statistics, if only because CURRICULUM FOR EVERYBODY in the title is meant to be the one implement in the first four grades of every Hungarian school six to ten years old, where statistics, in fact, appears at every grade level along with combinatorics and probability, as also in the subsequent fifth to eighth school year, where the implementation is still under way, and also because YOUNG CHILDREN are meant to be the said six to ten years old though most classroom examples will be related to a particular class of third graders in Offenbach, West Germany, nine year olds on average, with whom I decided to gather some fresh experiences while preparing this talk. As for the TEACHERS, I have in mind mainly those I regularly meet in Hungary during in-service training courses. But the bulk of what I am going to say is about children.

  • This paper discusses Statistics Education at elementary schools in Japan and presents curriculum goals and guidelines.