eCOTS 2012 - Breakout Session #3

"Online Games for Teaching Statistics from the Data Games and Playing Games with a Purpose Projects"
with William Finzer, KCP Technologies; Cliff Konold, University of Massachusetts; and Shonda Kuiper, Grinnell College


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Games can be used to engage students and motivate them to better understand the importance of statistical reasoning in a first or second course. The three presenters have created online games for use in teaching statistics. This session will introduce you to some of these games, their design philosophy, ways they are being used in classrooms, and some results from field tests.

From the Data Games Project, Bill Finzer will show a game for introducing conditional probability, and Cliff Konold will demonstrate a game that involves making inferences from sample averages. From the Playing games with a Purpose Project, Shonda Kuiper will demonstrate game based projects that allow students the opportunity to design and conduct their own research study.

You'll be asked to try out the games and bring questions to the panel discussion.


William Finzer
William Finzer

Cliff Konold
Cliff Konold

Shonda Kuiper
Shonda Kuiper


Shonda Kuiper:

The website for the Data Games Project (Cliff Konold and William Finzer):
Here is the url for our web site on the Data Games project:

The website for playing games with a purpose (Shonda Kuiper and Rod Sturdivant):

The website for the distributome project (Ivo Dinov, Dennis Pearl, and Kyle Siegrist):

Another interesting project: Stats Island