eCOTS 2012 - Breakout Session #10

"Storytelling in the Statistics Classroom"
with Jeanne Albert and Bill Peterson, Middlebury College


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Stories from the news can be a great way to introduce and motivate key concepts in statistics and probability, as well as promote discussion and interaction among students. Whether through "serious" stories that explore a topic of significant import (for example, evaluating cancer risk) or through more "playful" examples (do dogs really look like their owners?) storytelling invites students to engage more fully with the course material. In this session the presenters will describe their motivation for using stories and storytelling in the statistics classroom. We will provide examples and an interactive exercise during which participants will be invited to develop materials for their own classes. We will also discuss some resources that are both convenient and useful.


Jeanne Albert
Jeanne Albert

Bill Peterson
Bill Peterson


Bill Peterson:

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll

Chew on This, Tooth Fairy -- Wall St Journal

The Tooth Fairy Is Tracking the Recession -- Atlantic Wire

An Old Formula That Points to New Worry -- NYTimes