eCOTS 2012 - Breakout Session #1

"Interactive Teaching of Probability Distributions Theory and Applications using Data, Models and Webapps"
with Ivo Dinov, UCLA; Kyle Siegrist, University of Alabama; and Dennis Pearl, Ohio State University


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What are efficient, engaging, and modern pedagogical techniques to teach probability theory and applications that leave lasting impressions on learners? The probability Distributome project has developed portable, browser-accessible and extensible resources including:

  • Computing probability and critical values for a wide array of distributions
  • Exploring probability distribution properties and inter-distributional relations
  • Fitting probability distribution models to data
  • Virtual resampling and simulation experiments
  • Integrated data, web-applications and learning-activities

We will show some of the Distributome web-resources ( and discuss best practices for integrating these tools, web-applications, activities and learning materials in probability and statistics curricula.


Ivo Dinov
Ivo Dinov

Kyle Siegrist
Kyle Siegrist

Dennis Pearl
Dennis Pearl


Shonda Kuiper:

The website for the distributome project (Ivo Dinov, Dennis Pearl, and Kyle Siegrist):

The website for the Data Games Project (Cliff Konold and William Finzer):
Here is the url for our web site on the Data Games project:

The website for playing games with a purpose (Shonda Kuiper and Rod Sturdivant):

Another interesting project: Stats Island