Caption Contest - January 2023 - Results

The January caption contest cartoon is shown here. The judges found the winning caption to be “Houston, we have an outlier,” written by Amelia Williams, a student at University of Toronto.  Amelia’s funny caption can be used  to discuss the importance of investigating and understanding the outliers in data sets.

An honorable mention goes to Peter Karen from Radboud University for another outlier focused caption; “Next question: are you an outlier, or still in the same sample space as the rest of us?” Peter’s caption focuses more specifically on teaching about how outliers may be the result of a different data generating mechanism. 

A second honorable mention this month goes to Julia Gray, a student at Strath Haven High School for her caption “Diversity in a sample is important! How far will you go …?” Julia’s caption is intended to spur conversation about the importance of capturing the make-up of the whole population in devising a sampling plan.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption and congratulations to our winners!