• by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    When doing hypothesis tests,
    There's no threshold value that's best.
    It's very contrived
    To use point-oh-five
    To say if you should be impressed!

  • Lyrics copyright by Dennis K Pearl
    May sing to the tune of "When I'm Sixty-Four" (Beatles)

    When collecting data, try to be fair
    Many years from now
    Will you still have a null value defined
    Test to construct, with a p to find?
    If I get one ‘n three-quarters for zee
    Would you lock the door?
    Where should p lead you, will you still need me
    When I'm point oh-four?

    If the science changes
    Shouldn’t the test?
    I could work in stages

    Take mu as random, don’t draw me a line
    State your point of view
    Indicate precisely what your mean will say
    Information wasting away
    Give me your posterior, and its form
    changing evermore
    Where should p lead you, will you still need me
    When I'm point oh-four?

  • A sign test has its pluses and minuses but the Wilcoxon does first things first.

    Larry Lesser

  • I was in denial about using a non-parametric test - but the signs were all there.

    Dennis Pearl

  • by Nyaradzo Mvududu

    Two groups in random selection
    The differences under inspection
    On an interval scale
    And a test with one tail
    The hypothesis suffers rejection

  • Students learn the ideas of hypothesis testing in an activity where they guess which of three sodas is the different one.

  • by Lawrence Mark Lesser

    He asks, “How can you mix social justice with teaching statistics?”
    I’m thinking: how can you not?
    How better to illuminate
    deviation from expected values?

    He says, “But it’s not neutral.”
    Like it’s natural and neutral to teach from books
    based on baseball, playing cards, and flatscreen TVs
    rather than view by neighborhood things like

    incidence of asthma or
    incidents of racial profiling.
    We’ve been testing
    a null that dulls 

    by what’s normalized
    as if the type 
    1 error
    is always worse.

    When he says social justice is beyond our scope,
    I want to ask: do you mean
    our discipline or
    our humanity?


  • Jan: I predict conventional p-value usage will decrease.
    Lainie: You sound like a psychic.
    Jan: How so?
    Lainie: The "p" should be silent!

    Larry Lesser