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    Four stickers donated by the ASA Store:

    • 1x Warning: Statisticians at Work
    • 1x Reproducibility
    • 1x Caution Uncertainty Ahead
    • 1x With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility


    25 points

  • bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown (Xie)

    The bookdown package inherits the simplicity of syntax and flexibility for data analysis from R Markdown, and extends R Markdown for technical writing, so that you can make better use of document elements such as figures, tables, equations, theorems, citations, and references. Similar to LaTeX, you can number and cross-reference these elements with bookdown. Your document can even include live examples so readers can interact with them while reading the book. The book can be rendered to multiple output formats, including LaTeX/PDF, HTML, EPUB, and Word, thus making it easy to put your documents online.

    100 points

  • Building Better Models with JMP® Pro

    Building Better Models with JMP® Pro provides an example-based introduction to business analytics, with a proven process that guides you in the application of modeling tools and concepts. It gives you the "what, why, and how" of using JMP® Pro for building and applying analytic models. This book is designed for business analysts, managers, and practitioners who may not have a solid statistical background, but need to be able to readily apply analytic methods to solve business problems.

    In addition, this book will greatly benefit faculty members who teach any of the following subjects at the lower to upper graduate level: predictive modeling, data mining, and business analytics. Novice to advanced users in business statistics, business analytics, and predictive modeling will find that it provides a peek inside the black box of algorithms and the methods used.

    Topics include: regression, logistic regression, classification and regression trees, neural networks, model cross-validation, model comparison and selection, and data reduction techniques. Full of rich examples, Building Better Models with JMP® Pro is an applied book on business analytics and modeling that introduces a simple methodology for managing and executing analytics projects. No prior experience with JMP® is needed.

    Make more informed decisions from your data using this newest JMP® book.

    150 points

  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP®, Second Edition

    Written for students in undergraduate and graduate statistics courses, as well as for the practitioner who wants to make better decisions from data and models, this updated and expanded second edition of Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP® bridges the gap between courses on basic statistics, which focus on univariate and bivariate analysis, and courses on data mining and predictive analytics. Going beyond the theoretical foundation, this book gives you the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills that you need to perform real-world multivariate data analysis.

    First, this book teaches you to recognize when it is appropriate to use a tool, what variables and data are required, and what the results might be. Second, it teaches you how to interpret the results and then, step-by-step, how and where to perform and evaluate the analysis in JMP®.

    With today’s emphasis on business intelligence, business analytics, and predictive analytics, this second edition is invaluable to anyone who needs to expand his or her knowledge of statistics and to apply real-world, problem-solving analysis.

    This book is part of the SAS Press program.

    150 points

  • Introduction to Probability (Blitzstein, Hwang)

    Illustrates the details involved in solving real computational problems encountered in data analysis. It reveals the dynamic and iterative process by which data analysts approach a problem and reason about different ways of implementing solutions.

    300 points

  • JMP® Start Statistics: A Guide to Statistics and Data Analysis Using JMP®, Sixth Edition

    This book provides hands-on tutorials with just the right amount of conceptual and motivational material to illustrate how to use the intuitive interface for data analysis in JMP. Each chapter features concept-specific tutorials, examples, brief reviews of concepts, step-by-step illustrations, and exercises. Updated for JMP 13, JMP Start Statistics, Sixth Edition includes many new features, including:

    • The redesigned Formula Editor.
    • New and improved ways to create formulas in JMP directly from the data table or dialogs.
    • Interface updates, including improved menu layout.
    • Updates and enhancements in many analysis platforms.
    • New ways to get data into JMP and to save and share JMP results.
    • Many new features that make it easier to use JMP.

    200 points