Welcome to STUB Network, an online community engaged in improving students’ statistical thinking in undergraduate biology courses. Through the support of NSF in Research Coordination Networks in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE), we hope to facilitate conversations, learning opportunities, sharing of ideas and materials, in general networking between biologists and statisticians. Our project is titled: Statistical Thinking in Undergraduate Biology (STUB) Network: A network for coordinating the teaching and assessment of statistical thinking in introductory biology. We plan to accomplish several things through this grant, but our two main goals are:

  1. Develop a network of biologists and statisticians to discuss, reflect, and coordinate the teaching of statistical thinking in introductory biology courses.
  2. Coordinate the assessment of statistical thinking and student attitudes in introductory biology courses.



Dr. Karen McGaughey (Principal Investigator) will bring together prominent statistics and biology educators to lead the development, implementation , and maintenance of the STUB Network.

Dr. Beth Chance (co-Principal investigator) will assist with workshop planning and assessment coordination.


The growth and direction of the network will be guided by the steering committee which consists of the following members:

  • Mark Condon (Biology; Dutchess County Community College)
  • Barbara Dolansky (Statistics; Dutchess County Community College)
  • Elena Keeling (Biology; Cal Poly-SLO)
  • Robert Gould (Statistics; UCLA)
  • Greg Murray (Biology; Hope)
  • Noa Pinter (Biology; UCLA)
  • Jeff Ploegstra (Biology Dordt)
  • Soma Roy (Statistics; Cal Poly-SLO)
  • Todd Swanson (Statistics; Hope College)
  • Nathan Tintle (Statistics; University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Jill VanderStoep (Statistics; Hope College)

NSF RCN-UBE grant # 2231701