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Keynote Address: How to be the best statistician or data scientist: It’s not what you think

Presented by:
Robert Santos, Director - U.S. Census Bureau

The world of statistics – including data science – is rapidly evolving.  New technologies that enable methods and novel approaches have rapidly emerged in the new millennium.   As aspiring statisticians and data scientists, students recognize the importance of learning mathematics and theory associated with these careers, as well as the applications of statistical analysis and data analytics.  That seems necessary… but is it sufficient?

For this talk I will explain why becoming the best statistician and/or data scientist involves much more that technical training.  Using stories from throughout my 40+ year career, I will illustrate the secret ingredients that are needed to bolster your career and how to access them. To give you a clue, it’s all about a journey of discovery, one that is more personal than you might think!