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Social Media Consumption and It’s Influence on Young People’s Self-confidence: a Mixed Methods Study

Presented by:
Kanishka Bhootra, Rucha R Patel, Taashi Singh, & Eesha Prakash Vayangankar (Ahmedabad University)

This mixed methods study sought to understand if time spent on social media and the type of content consumed had any influence on a young person’s self-confidence. Survey questionnaires (n=126) and semi-formal interviews ( n= 8) were the primary methods of data collection. While the quantitative findings showed that the more time young people spend on social media, the more they restrict their time on social media. The interview findings suggested that increased familiarity with socia media led youth to become more comfortable with being vulnerable on social media. Put together these findings show that time spent on social media could make youth confident and intentional consumers of social media.